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Revamped Hydros is gearing up for the next races

Hydros, a vehicle built by Lublin University of Technology students, is being modernized. In 2017, the revamped car will start in the competition of energy-efficient cars - Shell Eco Marathon Le Mans. "Hydros can drive 1000 km for one zloty" - claim the constructors of the machine.

Hydros has been built by Lublin University of Technology engineers and students from Hydrogreen Team. The vehicle is designed to minimize energy losses by means of aerodynamic body, very low mechanical resistance and efficient drive. "The design is based on monocoque made of advanced lightweight composite materials" - inform the creator of Hydros.

"We are currently building a vehicle powered by hydrogen. One kilogram of hydrogen carries three times more energy than a kilogram of gasoline" - said the president of the Student Club Air Drives, Tytus Tulwin.

He assured that properly stored hydrogen is as safe - or safer - as hydrocarbon fuels. "Until now, we have been developing mainly the electrical system, and working on the mechanical aspects of the vehicle. It was necessary to have a reliable and energy efficient base of our project. Now it\'s time to implement hydrogen power through the use of PEM fuel cell. So far, the cell has been tested on a test bench, now it will be used in real conditions on the track" - emphasised Tytus Tulwin.

In 2016, the vehicle started for the first time in Shell Eco Marathon in French Le Mans. The competition is called Shell Eco Marathon Challenge Event, and due to less restrictive regulations it can be considered preparation for the main Shell Eco Marathon event. The creators of Hydros also plan to start in the next edition of the race in 2017. The vehicle will race in the Prototype category, where engineers focus on the greatest fuel efficiency.

"We still have a lot of work, but with the commitment of the whole team and the support of sponsors I\'m certain that we will succeed" - said Tulwin.

One of the strategic sponsors is Eniro Polska. In addition, the initiative of Lublin students met with interest of aviation company Auto&Aero Technologies, Inotech foundation, Eltem and GT-85 Polska, which helped in the construction of front suspension with linear steering gear.

Shell Eco-marathon Europe is one of the most challenging student engineering competitions in the world. The task of the teams participating in the competition is to design a vehicle that will drive the longest distance on the equivalent of one litre of fuel, or 1 kWh.

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