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About the Fundacja PAP (Polish Press Agency Foundation)

Fundacja PAP (Polish Press Agency Foundation) has been created in 2016. The main goals of the Foundation are, among others: conducting activities for the popularization and growth of culture, science and sport in Poland as well as supporting the development of mass media, including Polish media abroad, upholding the national tradition, nurturing Polishness and developing national and social consciousness. The scope of the foundation’s activities also includes the promotion of innovation and popularization of the idea of cooperation between nations. 

The foundation has legal personality and the competent minister with respect to the Foundation’s goals is the minister in charge of culture and protection of national heritage. 

The Fundacja PAP foundation conducts informational, promotional and publishing activities as well as educational and research ones. The organization cooperates with national and foreign scientific institutions, local government bodies and economic institutions to the extent compatible with the Foundation’s goals. It also organizes expert and advisory activities and may support activities of other persons and institutions which are compatible with the goals of the Fundacja PAP foundation.

The Fundacja PAP foundation has been established by the joint-stock company under the name of Polska Agencja Prasowa Spółka Akcyjna and the bodies of the Foundation consist of the Foundation Council and the Foundation Board. 

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