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Healthy snack in eco-friendly film

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Environmentally safe multi-layer 'smart' films and nanocapsules enriched with glutathione are being developed at the Faculty of Food Technology of the University of Agriculture in Krakow. The capsules will be applied to a previously prepared pro-health snack for athletes.

Dr. Ewelina Jamróz uses biopolymers to develop two types of biodegradable materials. The researcher is one of this year's laureates of the LIDER programme of the National Centre for Research and Development. The Krakow chemist will receive PLN 1.5 million for building a team and research.

The researcher says that biodegradable materials do not have a negative impact on the environment and instead, 'smart' biopolymer film is intended to extend the shelf life and improve the quality and safety of consumption of fresh products.

Dr. Jamróz also plans to develop an innovative system for releasing the active substance - glutathione. Biopolymer nanocapsules enriched with glutathione will be applied to a previously prepared pro-health snack for athletes.

She said: “The development of a completely natural snack with optimal composition for use in the post-workout period, additionally enriched in glutathione, enclosed in biopolymer nanocapsules, will address the growing needs of the dietary supplements market.”

The National Center for Research and Development together with the Ministry of Education and Science selected 63 Polish scientists in the 11th edition of the LIDER programme. They were awarded a total amount of PLN 89 million for research projects.

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