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VP of the Industrial Development Agency: The Polish space industry must grow by several dozen percent per year

Today, Poland`s share in the European space industry is about 1 per mille. We want it to reach 3 per cent, which means that over the next 10 years this industry must grow by several dozen percent annually, said Vice President of the Industrial Development Agency, Dariusz Śliwowski.

Last week in the Warsaw headquarters of the Industrial Development Agency, awards were presented to the winners of the third edition of the competition "Space career paths. Building staff for the space technology sector". The prizes include internships in space industry enterprises.

Minister of Enterprise and Technology Jadwiga Emilewicz, who attended the ceremony, said that there was every reason for Poland to participate in the ever-growing global space market.

"It has been shown many times that Polish graduates are absolutely in the world league, we have outstanding IT engineers, we have world class robotics. We certainly have the material in Poland to dig into the cosmic world league" - said the minister.

Emilewicz emphasized that there already were 300 companies operating in this industry in our market. "These include branches of global space champions, but the vast majority are Polish small and medium-sized enterprises, most of them founded by students and doctoral students who can transform their scientific excellence into market success" - she said.

The Vice-President of the Industrial Development Agency (the competition co-organizer) Dariusz Śliwowski emphasized that people are needed in order to achieve success in any industry. "That`s why the agency invests in internships and space. We have the word "development" in our name. Not "status quo", but development, the future. (...) This is an investment in the future of our companies` portfolio".

One of the winners of the competition, Michał Gumiela, who won a six-month internship at Astronica, said in an interview with PAP that he had been involved in space technology for some time now through participation in the PW-Sat 2 program, the construction of second student satellite. The final-year electronics student at the Warsaw University of Technology explained that during the internship he would deal with "general electronics in space applications".

"These parts are specially designed to work in space conditions, they must be absolutely reliable, because this is a special requirement in space missions" - he added.

A team of over 30 students from various faculties of Warsaw University of Technology started working on the PW-Sat2 satellite in 2013. Earlier - in February 2012 - the first Polish satellite PW-Sat, also built by students of Warsaw University of Technology, was launched into orbit around the Earth. (PAP)

author: Małgorzata Dragan

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