The MARIA reactor is preparing for research on boron neutron capture therapy


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Dr. Podgórski: Diet pills do not work in most cases Dr. Podgórski: Diet pills do not work in most cases

Available preparations for people who want to lose weight do not work in most cases - told PAP Dr. Tomasz Podgórski from Poznań University of Physical Education. He also explained why "light" products do not help lose weight.


The Paris warming guardrail may be exceeded already in 2026 The Paris warming guardrail may be exceeded already in 2026

Global warming may accelerate rapidly in the coming years as a result of the change in the Interdecadal Pacific Oscillation (IPO), Australian scientists warn. According to their estimates, the climate change limit set at the climate conference in Paris could be exceeded by 1.5 degrees already in 2026.


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