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About Science in Poland

Science in Poland (scienceinpoland.pap.pl) is the largest public information service devoted to Polish science. It is available in two language versions: Polish and English. Two million Readers visit the website every year.

The main task of Science in Poland is to disseminate knowledge about the achievements of Polish scientists and promote their accomplishments, also in the area of innovation. Promoting the achievements of Polish scientists in the country and abroad and efforts to increase recognition are part of the website's mission.

The website also promotes accomplishments that particularly contribute to the development of Polish science.

Once a year, Science in Poland and Ministry of Science and Higher Education organize the competition Science Promoter. Its goal is to award people and institutions whose activities have a positive impact on promoting the achievements of science in Polish society.

Our archive contains multimedia content and tens of thousands of texts. They concern innovative, interesting research projects and present expert views and comments on events related to financing and law-making associated with the science and higher education sector.

Science in Poland was established in 2004. Its concept was created as a result of cooperation between the Ministry of Science (now Ministry of Science and Higher Education) and the Polish Press Agency. About 15 new articles appear on our website every day. Their authors are Polish Press Agency journalists and collaborators of the PAP Foundation: people with journalistic, psychological, astronomical, philosophical, biological and medical education.

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