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Experts: Goose meat is good for the human body

Eating goose meat is good for the human body; compared to other meats it has a more favourable fatty acid composition - assessed scientists from the University of Economics in Wrocław. Meanwhile, goose meat is rarely eaten in Poland.

Dr. Agnieszka Orkusz from the Department of Technology of Food of Animal Origin at Wrocław University of Economics emphasised in an interview with PAP that research conducted by the institution since 2010 confirms that in goose meat fatty acids constitute more than 70 percent of the total content.

"Compared with other types of meat, goose meat has a more favourable fatty acid composition and a high protein content, about 23 percent, which includes all the essential amino acids that the human body can not produce and which must be supplied to the body with food" - said the expert.

She added that the goose meat is a source of vitamins - B, A and E group vitamins, and minerals: potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, iron, zinc, which support the proper functioning of the body.

The expert explained that goose fat is one of the healthiest fats found in the kitchen and has many health properties.

"For a long time it has been regarded as a substance that alleviates rheumatic and joint pains, inflammation and heals some of the wounds. This is mainly due to contained fatty acids, including oleic acid, the same one that is found in olive oil" - said Dr. Orkusz.

She noted that goose fat does not lose its properties even when heated to 200 degrees Celsius.

Wrocław scientists from the University of Economics conduct a research on goose meat storage in conditions of freezing and packaging in the so-called modified atmosphere or vacuum conditions.

"This means a high-oxygen atmosphere, in which the oxygen content reaches 80 percent, and carbon dioxide 20 percent. In vacuum, packaging is carried out without access of air. The results indicate that goose meat can be stored this way for many months without losing its value" - said Dr. Orkusz.

She explained that research on the storage of meat is associated with the fact that fresh goose meat is only available for a few months, because goose slaughter is limited and manufacturers usually carry it out from June to November.

"Our research confirms that goose meat is beneficial for the human body in any form. Unfortunately, the Poles eat it only occasionally" - said the expert.

Poland produces approx. 20 thousand tons of goose meat per year, of which only 700 tons supply the domestic market. (PAP)

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