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Polish VersaBox system to automate transport in warehouses

Autonomous vehicles can efficiently transport goods from one place to another, avoiding obstacles on the way. Polish company VersaBox has developed a system that will help automate transport in warehouses and industrial plants.

A small cart loaded with goods is moving in a warehouse. Although there is no driver, the cart effectively avoids people encountered on the way and notices all obstacles. All you have to do is load the goods and point it to where you want it to go, and the cart will do the job. This is the vision proposed by the Polish company VersaBox.

"At Hannover Messe, we show our autonomous transport system for warehouses and industrial plants, wherever you have to move goods from point A to point B" - said Jakub Michalski from VersaBox in an interview with PAP. He noted that the solution would be useful in places where such transport is now carried out using forklifts or muscle force.

With the VersaBox, transport in such places can become completely automatic and autonomous, and these tasks will not have to be performed by a human.

"The software that we have developed, plus the sensors the robot is equipped with, allow for the positioning of the robot, then mapping the route, the device\'s movement in a given space, but also avoiding obstacles or preventing accidents" - Michalski described.

He added that the device responds to problems such as staff shortages or inadequate use of expensive equipment such as forklifts. According to Michalski, VersaBox will also help to "release competencies". In his opinion, in the future the use of robots will allow to redirect people to more complex activities.

VersaBox is also designed to improve safety in warehouses. "Forklifts moving among people pose a threat. Statistics show that the same process solved using robots, autonomous mobile robots, is safer" - said Dr. Michalski.

He explained that his company not only provides robots but also a complete system that integrates autonomous devices with the process already in place as indicated by the customer.

According to the entrepreneur, such automatic devices do not necessarily mean that people will lose their jobs. "In many cases, there are not enough people to perform such tasks. This is really a place for our robots" - he reassured.

The solution was presented at the Polish national stand at Hannover Messe 2017. The work on the system was co-financed by the National Centre for Research and Development.

From Hannover Ludwika Tomala

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