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RECON robot built by Białystok University of Technology students awarded in Japan

RECON robot built by Białystok University of Technology students won the second prize in the international competition of designs of disaster prevention devices that use nano- and micro-technologies - announced the university authorities.

International Contest of Applications in Nano-Micro Technology was held for the fifth time on 19-21 July in Sendai, Japan.

23 teams from all over the world competed in this year’s event, including teams from Japan, China, Germany, France, Switzerland, New Zealand and Poland. In addition to students from Białystok University of Technology, two teams from Warsaw University of Technology also presented their projects.

Weighing 20 kg, the robot RECON is used for local observation and data collection from a large area of the environment. The device carries five sensors, which it deploys in the rugged terrain. Data from the sensors are transmitted by radio to the computer, and the results of the measurements are available to all system users. Based on the available measurement results, risk can be assessed.

According to Białystok University of Technology spokeswoman Dorota Sawicka, the competition organizers referred to the events of 2011, when the north-eastern part of the island of Honshu and the city of Sendai were hit by strong earthquakes and tsunami. The participants\' task was to present projects that could be used to survey areas that are inaccessible or hazardous for humans.

One of the robot constructors Paweł Grześ told PAP earlier that the robot RECON would be useful in the difficult terrain of Siberia, in the study of air methane, the concentration of which increases as a result of the greenhouse effect, resulting in faster thawing of marshy land in the area.

"This award is a nice surprise, but also a confirmation of my strong belief that we are good not only in building Mars rovers" - said the Rector of Białystok University of Technology, Prof. Lech Dzienis.

Białystok University of Technology students have been successful in international competitions. Their Mars rover, Hyperion, for the second time won the prestigious competition organized in the Martian base in the desert in Utah in the U.S.

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