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Jagiellonian University student won international mathematics competition

Student of mathematics at the Jagiellonian University Jakub Konieczny took first place in one of two categories in the International Mathematical Competition in Ostrava. In the other category, Damian Orlef from the University of Warsaw won a place on the podium.

Jagiellonian University spokeswoman Katarzyna Pilitowska told PAP that the Vojtech Jarník International Mathematical Competition, held on 10-13 April in Ostrava, was attended by 184 competitors from 41 universities. This annual mathematics competition held annually since 1991, is organized by the University of Ostrava (Czech Republic).

Students compete in two categories. The first category is for students under the age of 22, who have not completed the third year of study, and in the second for students under the age of 25. Competitors in each category are given four problems, and have four hours to solve them. Both the content and the solution of problems is in English.

In the first category, Damian Orlef took the third place in tie with three other participants, and Jakub Konieczny from the Jagiellonian University won in the second category. He was the only participant in this category to solve all problems and score 39 out of 40 points.

Details are available on the competition website: http://vjimc.osu.cz/

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