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2.5 thousand years treasure found in the Low Beskids

2.5 thousand years treasure has been discovered in Lubatowa near Krosno in the Low Beskids. "The discovered objects included bronze bracelets, glass beads and fragments of vessels" - director of the Podkarpackie Museum in Krosno Jan Gancarski told PAP on Thursday.

"In recent days, a bronze bracelet has been brought to our museum. The person who brought it also pointed to the place where the object from the fifth century before Christ had been found" - explained Gancarski.

Archaeologists from the Krosno museum have explored this area. Two bronze bracelets with several turns were found, as were nine whole and fragments of eight glass beads. All beads are eye-shaped, so-called peacock eyes. Archaeologists also discovered fragments of bronze ornaments and two pieces of vessels. One of them was a salt evaporation pot.

"The objects originate from the beginning of the Iron Age. They should be connected with the Transcarpathian cultures which have penetrated into the lands of today\'s Poland from the South. These objects had been made far from the place where the treasure was hidden" - added Gancarski.

He noted that glass beads were of particular value. "There are very few such objects in Podkarpacie. It can not be ruled out that they were made in Greece, or even in Egypt" - he remarked.

Gancarski emphasized that if it were not for the person who found the bracelet, archaeologists would probably have never reached the treasure. "It was located in a deep forest, on a steep bank of a stream. It could have been destroyed at any moment because it was a landslide area" - he emphasised.

Objects from the Lubatowa treasure will be on display in the Podkarpacie Museum later this year. (PAP)

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