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More than PLN 24 million for the taking for Polish doctors

More than PLN 24 million for innovative research projects is available for young Polish and foreign doctors, who will take part in the programmes: FIRST TEAM, HOMING and POWROTY/REINTEGRATION, announced by the Foundation for Polish Science. Applications can be submitted until 17 October.

In all three programs, young doctors up to five years after the doctorate, regardless of nationality, may apply for grants. The subject of the projects implemented obligatorily in collaboration with scientific partner, may be internationally breakthrough R&D work of high importance for the economy and society.

The funds earmarked for the second competition in the FIRST TEAM amount to 14 million zlotys. Young researchers receive funding to set up their first teams. The funding may amount to 2 million zlotys, and be awarded for three years, with a possibility of extension by one year. The projects may be implemented in research units, companies or science and industry consortia in Poland.

The HOMING programme is addressed to people who want to return to Poland to do research work. The Foundation for Polish Science has earmarked a total amount of PLN 8 million for the second competition. Under the programme, grants of up to PLN 800 thousand will be awarded for postdoctoral internship projects. The financing may be awarded for two years, without the possibility of extension. The projects may be implemented in research units or companies.

Researchers who interrupted R&D work at an early stage of their professional careers due to employment in another sector of economy or for parental reasons may apply for a grant of up to ca. PLN 800 thousand in the POWROTY/REINTEGRATION programme. The projects may be implemented in research units or companies. The funds offered under the second competition amount to PLN 2.4 million.

The funding awarded in the three competitions can be used for scholarships, contract work, training and internships, as well as remunerations. A project manager may apply for a monthly remuneration of PLN 17,500 – 20,000 gross, a young doctor may receive up to PLN 15,000 gross per month, a PhD student up to PLN 8,000 gross, and a student up to PLN 4,000 gross. Support is also available for companies operating in Poland. They can receive up to 80% contribution to the project costs based on state aid rules.

Subsequent competitions will be organised until the end of 2019, on average twice a year.

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