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Student from Rzeszów will take part in the research at a research center in the US

Photo: PAP 2015 / Darek Delmanowicz Photo: PAP 2015 / Darek Delmanowicz

Student of molecular biotechnology at the University of Rzeszów (UR) Jakub Kapłan will participate in the research program concerning autoimmune diseases at the Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation in the US. The Pole will be there for a year-long traineeship, which will begin in July.

The facility in Oklahoma searches for more effective treatments for human diseases.

Jakub Kapłan is a second year student of molecular biotechnology at the University of Rzeszów. In an interview with PAP he said that only eight people from Poland qualified for traineeships at the facility in Oklahoma.

According to him, a factor in the choice of his candidacy to participate in this research program were probably his considerable, for a student, academic accomplishments; Kapłan is co-author of three prestigious scientific publications and one patent application.

In addition, during his studies he took two traineeships abroad: at the University of Lund (Malmo) and CABIMER- Andalusian Center for Molecular Biology and Regenerative Medicine, as well as internships in Poland: in the Department of Genetics of the University of Rzeszów, in the Department of Restorative Neurobiology at the I Mossakowski Medical Research Centre PAS and in the Department of Laboratory Medicine and Microbiology, Provincial Hospital in Krosno.

During the traineeship in Oklahoma the student from Rzeszów will take part in an autoimmune diseases research program. According to Kapłan the details of the placement have not yet been specified, but he will probably be able to use the results of research in his Master\'s thesis at UR.

The duration of the traineeship is 11 to 12 months. During this time, the facility will provide a scholarship of at least 25 thousand USD to cover sustenance, accommodation, full medical insurance, and will reimburse travel costs. The center will also help in obtaining a US visa.

Kapłan is one of the winners of The Visiting Research Graduate Traineeship Program (VRGTP) of Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation.

This program offers lasting 11-12-month research traineeships for outstanding, qualified first or second year students, who have recommendations from the Polish scientific institutions.

Spokesman of the University of Rzeszów Maciej Ulita said that this program is supported by the Polish-American Fulbright Commission.

Polish-American Fulbright Commission provides students of biological sciences such as biology, biochemistry, biotechnology, pharmaceutics, etc. with an opportunity of scientific traineeship in several US academic institutions. The institutions are: University of Virginia, University of Chicago, University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center and the Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation.

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