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PLN 650 thousand for Astri Polska from ESA

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PLN 650 thousand is the value of the project which Astri Poland will carry out for the European Space Agency (ESA). Its engineers will design software that will allow to test GNSS satellite navigation receivers used, for example, on earth observation satellites.

Head of Astri Poland\'s Applications and Services Karol Brzostowski told PAP that the objective of the project FLIGhT (Flexible environment for GNSS Testing) is to design and develop "adaptive and flexible software" that will allows to integrate various types of equipment, including "GNSS emulators, power systems, various interfaces (MilBus-1553, Space Wire, UART)" to create a "comprehensive test environment" for GNSS receivers with a focus on receivers for space applications.

This means that receivers tested with software developed by Astri Polska will be installed in Earth observation satellites (LEO orbit), navigation satellites (MEO orbit), telecommunication satellites (GEO orbit) and carrier rockets.

"The main assumption of the project is the versatility of the software, which will allow to test various types of receivers" - noted Karol Brzostowski.

The project will continue for 15 months. FliGhT is being carried out for the European Space Agency and financed by ESA under the Polish Industry Incentive Scheme.

"Astri Polska has been successfully developing its competence in the field of GNSS, including testing of satellite navigation receivers, making this area our strength" - CEO of Astri Polska Jacek Mandas told PAP. He added: "We are delighted that thanks to the success of many of our previous projects, not only related to navigation, the European Space Agency sees us as a trusted partner and entrusts us with further orders".

In the years 2015-2016 the Warsaw-based company Astri Polska carried out the project FLIRT-PL (Fitting LIon Receiver Tests in PoLand), the objective of which was to test the GNSS "LION" navigation receiver for research, observation and telecommunication satellites.

Currently, in addition to the FLIGhT project, Astri Polska is involved in two further satellite navigation projects for the European Space Agency. These are: TEcHNO (Test Environment for Hybrid NavigatiOn) - a project related to the development of hybrid navigation technology (GNSS + LTE) and AGGA-4, in which Astri Polska will investigate the radiation characteristics of the GNSS satellite navigation receiver during of heavy ionic and proton radiation tests.

Astri Polska is the first Polish satellite and space technology company with 100% of its revenue coming from the space industry. (PAP)

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