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Scientists' method for better effects of minimally invasive procedures in aesthetic medicine

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Researchers from Silesian universities have a way to improve the effects of minimally invasive procedures in the field of aesthetic medicine. It is an innovative support system for these procedures by using a special laser head equipped with a camera.

This recently patented solution has been developed by scientists from the University of Silesia and the Medical University of Silesia - reported the University of Silesia press office.

The solution consists of a special laser head equipped with a monitoring device in the form of a camera. As explained, it will allow not only to track and verify the exposed areas of the skin, but also control subsequent doses of radiation.

Researchers have developed a system that analyses areas of the treated skin and controls the laser. In addition, the system can be equipped with a sound and/or light emitting module, so that the operator is notified when the entire treatment area is homogeneously covered with laser radiation.

According to the release, most procedures of this type are performed using different types of lasers, and the selection of parameters and settings of these devices is determined by medical personnel who manually apply the device head to the patient\'s skin.

This way of performing the procedure - the scientists argue - involves overlapping the areas treated by the laser while skipping other parts of the skin.

As a consequence, some parts receive double or even triple radiation doses, while others are not exposed to laser treatment. Manual control of the device head is thus imprecise because the operator does not receive any indication whether the given skin area has received a dose of radiation" - the researchers explain.

The proposal of scientists from Silesian universities will allow to minimize these limitations. Their system can work with any type of laser.

As noted in the University of Silesia press release, the benefits of minimally invasive aesthetic procedures such as laser scar removal or face lift include reduced postoperative recovery time, smaller scars and lower risk of side effects.

The authors of the invention are the employees of the Faculty of Computer Science and Materials Science of the University of Silesia: Dr. Robert Koprowski and Prof. Zygmunt Wróbel, as well as Dr. Sławomir Wilczyński from the Medical University of Silesia. (PAP).

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