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Kraków/ The Jagiellonian University Medical College plans to launch a study program devoted to drugs

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The Jagiellonian University Medical College plans to launch a study program devoted to drugs. According to the information provided by the university, Drug Discovery and Development is the first such program in Poland and one of seven in Europe.

The 2nd degree program will launch in the coming academic year; recruitment has already started. The program is addressed to holders of a higher education diploma (at least undergraduate) in the following fields: pharmaceutical sciences, medical sciences, chemical sciences, biological sciences. Candidates must have sufficient English language skills for undertaking studies.

"The basis for creating the new program was the diagnosis of both the labour market and the educational offer. There is also a third aspect, which we decided to look at, namely - who is currently filling positions in the non-pharmacy pharmaceutical sector? They are mostly +non-pharmacists+, people who gain knowledge in the field of pharmacy as part of internships or after employment" - says Prof. Marcin Kołaczkowski, Vice-Dean for Strategy and Development at the Faculty of Pharmacy of the Jagiellonian University.

According to Prof. Kołaczkowski, the new program does not compete with pharmacy, which is "and will remain the most popular career development direction among pharmacists". "However, we want to show young people different career options - some will choose to work in a pharmacy, while others may be a competitive staff, for example, in the pharmaceutical industry, which is also a very large labour market" - he explains.

The graduates of Drug Discovery and Development will learn how new medicines are discovered, identified, developed, manufactured and tested, and learn the most important aspects of regulatory processes, necessary for their formal approval as drug products. They will also acquire management skills and language expertise, supporting their future employment in the pharma-biotech industry, regulatory agencies or drug research centres. (PAP)

Author: Beata Kołodziej

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