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Stay legalization guidelines for universities and international students

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The Office for Foreigners has prepared guidelines for universities and international students who want to study in Poland. The purpose is to clarify the issue of legalizing a person`s stay for university education purposes. The guidelines (in Polish) can be downloaded from the Office for Foreigners website.

The publication is entitled "Proces legalizacji pobytu cudzoziemców na terytorium Rzeczypospolitej Polskiej w celu kształcenia się na studiach" ("The process of legalizing the stay of foreigners on the territory of the Republic of Poland for the purpose of studying at university"). The Office for Foreigners press spokesperson Jakub Dudziak explains that the guidelines are addressed to university employees who deal with the recruitment and service of foreign students, but it can also be helpful to foreigners who begin or continue studies in Poland. The guidelines (in Polish) can be downloaded from the website of the Office for Foreigners (Polish language version) - in the tab "do pobrania".

"The publication addresses the legal and practical aspects of legalization of stay of foreigners from non-EU countries and European Union citizens and their family members. It applies to persons, who begin or continue first-cycle, second-cycle studies, uniform master`s and doctoral studies, including part-time studies" - explains Dudziak.

According to the Office for Foreigners spokesperson, the guidelines have been divided into three parts: temporary residence permits for full-time studies, temporary residence permits for part-time students and registration of stays of EU citizens and their family members for study purposes.

"Each chapter contains a detailed description of the procedure, requirements, provisions governing the given procedure, and a checklist of steps to be completed. In addition, the guidelines contain useful sources of information, contact details of the Office for Foreigners and foreigners` departments of provincial offices, as well as the most important parts of legal regulations"- the Office for Foreigners informs.

According to the Office for Foreigners, should the relevant regulations change, the guidelines will be updated.

The Office for Foreigners reminds that foreigners who wish to extend their stay in Poland in connection with university studies submit applications for residence permits to provincial offices. EU citizens and their family members are required to register their stay for more than three months. Last year, 14.3 thousand foreigners, including 6.2 thousand citizens of Ukraine, submitted applications for temporary residence permits in connection with studies.

The guidelines were prepared by the Office for Foreigners as part of a project co-financed from the National Programme of the Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund. (PAP)

author: Marcin Chomiuk


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