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Doctors reconstruct man`s face with a 3D implant

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Doctors from the A. Mielecki Clinical Hospital in Katowice reconstructed a man`s face, disfigured as a result of an accident. They used a specially prepared, complex facial bone implant. The 46 years old patient returns to a normal life.

Over 2 years ago, the patient fell from a ladder while working in the garden; he suffered a complicated fracture of the facial bones, he also broke his collarbone. The surgery carried out at that time could not result in a complete improvement due to the significant loss of bone structures. Disfigured face and blurred vision prevented the patient from having a normal life.

"Double vision due to uneven eye positioning was very cumbersome. The patient could not use a computer, watch TV, he had to quit his job, he could not live among people. He experienced a significant psychological distress" - told PAP Prof. Iwona Niedzielska, in charge of the treatment process.

She explained that the reconstruction could not be performed using fragments of bone collected from the patient, because, as a rule, resorption of such grafts occurs and its extent is difficult to predict. Hence the doctors` decision to use a polyethylene implant. After the stage of careful design based on computed tomography of the healthy part of the patient`s face, the implant was made - as a mirror image - by specialists from Technopark in Łódź. The next step was implantation through a small incision.

"Single implants reproducing one anatomical structure are no longer a novelty in Poland, but a complex, individual implant reconstructing three orbit walls, jaw and zygomatic bone is - to our knowledge - the first composite implant in Poland. The effect exceeded our expectations. The patient regained normal vision, the aesthetic effect is also satisfactory" - emphasised Prof. Niedzielska.

Details of the procedure will be presented during the press conference at the Andrzej Mielecki Clinical Hospital of the Medical University of Silesia in Katowice, with the participation of the patient.

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