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Researchers from the University of Silesia will investigate the effects of grill fuel on health

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Researchers from the University of Silesia in Katowice will check the effects of fuels and lighting substances used in grilling devices on our health, the university announced.

Doctors warn that grilled food can be dangerous to our health, also due to carcinogenic compounds that form when cooking meat or vegetables on the grill.

But, as Zbigniew Jelonek emphasizes, most authors of publications and research focus on the negative effects of the process of grilling food and ignore the equally important composition of solid fuels and firelighters used in grill devices.

"My goal will be to analyse briquettes and hardwood lump charcoal available in Poland in terms of the content of substances harmful to human health and our environment" - says the PhD student.

"I also plan to develop possibly least harmful composition of these fuels by demonstrating the influence of solid contaminants on thermally processed food and their elimination during the production phase of charcoal and briquettes to reduce the emission of carcinogenic compounds" - he adds.

The studies carried out so far have shown that the product most exposed to contamination are charcoal briquettes. "This probably results from production conditions. I would like to emphasize that the majority of products with manufacturer`s markings, serial numbers and certificates meet the standards concerning the content of undesirable additives. Unfortunately, tested products that do not have these identifiers do not meet these standards. That is why products should be tested before they are approved for sale, and products already released for marketing should also be subject to random testing" - says Zbigniew Jelonek.

The scientific supervisor of the doctorate is Dr. Monika Fabiańska from the Department of Geochemistry, Mineralogy and Petrography at the University of Silesia. (PAP)

Author: Anna Gumułka

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