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Wrocław/ A test for identifying upper respiratory tract infections

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A test for identifying upper respiratory tract infections has been developed by a start-up company from Wrocław. It is a combination of an electronic application with a medical sample, which allows to determine in a few minutes which bacterium has attacked the patient\'s throat.

CEO of this Wrocław company (SensDx) Tomasz Gondek said that the tests would be available in Poland and Germany next year. The company\'s goal is global distribution.

"Of course, the test will not replace a doctor, but it will certainly help and allow to quickly determine which drug to choose. It turns out that in antibiotics therapy only 10% of the drugs used are properly and effectively selected" - Gondek said.

SensDx employees have created precise and easy-to-use tests for quick diagnosis of pathogens. The company runs its research projects in the laboratories of the Wrocław Research Centre EIT+.

According to Gondek, the new solution consists in combining a simple to use device in which tests are placed with a free application for mobile devices for easy reading of results. He emphasised that the test is not a gadget, but a medical product available in pharmacies.

He said that the special results reader should cost about PLN 300, and a single-use test about PLN 25.

"The patient can do the test at home and, for example, send it in pdf format to a doctor who, knowing the type of bacteria that attacks the patient\'s throat, will be able to select the right medicine" - said Gondek.

He added that the company\'s next goals included the development of tests for intimate infections and allergens. Researchers also want to develop tests for agriculture.

"A farmer will be able to test the cereal and find out which fungus has attacked the grain. This will allow to select the correct spray or agent that will combat the agricultural crop disease" - Gondek explained.

With their test, SensDx has won the finals of the Innostars competition, whose initiator is EIT HEALTH, created in 2008 by the European Institute of Innovation and Technology EIT, an independent body of the European Union. Out of nearly 100 projects submitted by companies from Italy, Portugal, Greece, Hungary and Poland, only a few made it to the finals.

The first diagnostic product of this Polish company premiered in mid-November at the Asia Pacific MedTech Forum, one of the largest and most important medical and technological sector events in Asia. (PAP)

author: Roman Skiba

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