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Toruń’s Nicolaus Copernicus University joins ‘elite’ group of European research centres

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The Nicolaus Copernicus University in Toruń has gained full membership of a prestigious international consortium of universities.

YUFE (Young Universities for the Future of Europe) is an international consortium of universities selected by the European Commission to develop and implement the first models of the European University.

According to the the creators, a YUFE university will enable future students to compose study programs based on the teaching offer of all YUFE universities. To ensure access to computer systems and infrastructure at these universities, the consortium will introduce the YUFE student card recognized at all universities in the consortium. The official study language will be English (but students who complete part of their studies in another country will be supported in learning the local language). Graduates will receive a diploma recognized throughout Europe.

By becoming a full partner in the consortium, the Nicolaus Copernicus University joined universities from Belgium, Cyprus, England, Finland, Germany, Italy, Spain and three other Polish research universities: the University of Warsaw, the Jagiellonian University and the Adam Mickiewicz University.

According to the Nicolaus Copernicus University website: “The YUFE consortium is a large strategic partnership that brings together 10 young universities from 10 European countries that cooperate with four associated partners with basic competences in the field of employment and integration.”

Rector of the Nicolaus Copernicus University Professor Andrzej Tretyn said during a press conference that this was a great distinction.

He said: “In the first competition last year we became a YUFE associate partner. From the very beginning our university authorities, and especially Vice-Rector Wojciech Wysota, were involved in the work of YUFE and showed that we should be a full partner in this network.

“Thanks to this, we have become a European research university.”

The Mayor of Toruń Michał Zaleski emphasized that this was a very important EU idea for promoting university ecosystem and the local community.

He said: “The people of Toruń form this local community. The message from us has always been that we want to welcome students from other universities associated in this consortium.”

author: Tomasz Więcławski

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