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Scientists to Assess Social Effects of Transition From Coal

Fot. PAP/ Andrzej Grygiel 02.12.2017 Fot. PAP/ Andrzej Grygiel 02.12.2017

Scientists will assess the social effects of energy transformation in Silesia and the Krakow Metropolitan Area, where high emissions cause smog.

Mining regions and low air quality regions in 12 European countries were selected for the study, with the Mineral and Energy Economy Research Institute PAS assessing the results in Poland.

The research will be conducted as part of the project 'ENTRANCES - ENergy TRANsitions from Coal and carbon: Effects on Societies' financed by the EU programme Horizon 2020. The consortium leader is the Spanish University of A Coruña.

Energy transformation is associated with greenhouse gas emissions reduction and plans to achieve emission neutrality by 2050. Members of 14 research teams will compare mining regions, in which coal mining is a driving force for the regional economy, with high-emission regions, where the intensive use of fossil fuels results in a significant air quality deterioration.

Researchers will identify the challenges facing the regions’ inhabitants and discuss not only technological and economic transformations, but also psychological processes that affect the daily life of local communities. 

Interdisciplinary research will discuss the problem from a socio-economic, socio-technical, socio-cultural, socio-political, socio-ecological, socio-psychological and gender perspective.

According to the Mineral and Energy Economy Research Institute PAS, over 3,000 people, including scientists, organizations and social groups, are expected to take part in the dialogue. 

Polish members of the consortium believe that the study will allow them to better understand the extent to which these regions are exposed to a deep and sometimes painful transformation of social, economic and cultural life, and identify measures to alleviate adverse trends.

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