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Technology From Jagiellonian University to Find Applications in Pharma

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Chemists from the Jagiellonian University have developed a biocompatible nanocapsules technology that enables effective delivery of hydrophobic compounds to the body. It has already been commercialised and will soon be used in the pharmaceutical industry.

The creators are Professor Szczepan Zapotoczny from the Faculty of Chemistry and Dr. Joanna Szafraniec-Szczęsny from the Faculty of Pharmacy of the Jagiellonian University. The main results related to the invention have been described in the prestigious journal Nanoscale, further publications are in preparation.

The technology of biocompatible nanocapsules was sold less than two years ago to CHDE Polska SA from Rzeszów. The company's representatives announced that the first products based on the invention would probably appear on the market in 2021.

According to Professor Szczepan Zapotoczny, research on obtaining biocompatible, highly stable polymer nanocapsules for efficient encapsulation and delivery of lipophilic active compounds took over five years.

He said: “Our solution makes it possible to obtain stable and biocompatible capsules with diameters below 1 micrometer, constructed of polysaccharide coatings and liquid oil cores. Low-molecular surfactants are not required for their stabilization in the aqueous phase.”

The scientist emphasises that the research attracted great interest and enabled cooperation with representatives of the pharmaceutical industry, manufacturers of dietary supplements and medical devices.

He said: “These are not the only areas, in which this technology can be used. It will also find applications in biotechnology, cosmetics, chemical and agricultural industries. This is the result of both the innovation of the developed solution, but also the simplicity of the capsule manufacturing process, their universality and resistance to changing parameters of the external environment, which is their advantage over many known nanostructured carriers of active substances.”

In June 2018, an agreement on the transfer of invention rights was signed between the Jagiellonian University and CHDE Polska SA. Subsequent extensive research confirmed the applicability of the invention in supplementation on an industrial scale.

Jerzy Żukowski of CHDE Polska said: “We would like to offer our first products obtained on the basis of the invention to seniors and children due to the need to supply both young and older human bodies with all elements necessary to maintain immunity and homeostasis. The advantage of these products will be their natural simplicity and effectiveness in providing vitamins or nutrients.”

According to Żukowski, after the completion of laboratory work and product registration, the product will most likely be marketed in 2021.

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