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Gold and silver at Silverstone for the cars from the Silesian University of Technology

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Cars of the Silesian Greenpower team of students from the Silesian University of Technology took first and second place in the race of light electric vehicles the Greenpower Corporate Challenge 2012 at Silverstone in Britain.

In The Greenpower Corporate Challenge, the winning team is the one with the greatest number of laps on the track in designated time and with a limited power source. The team from the Silesian University of Technology started with two cars and both took places on the podium. The longest distance of 45 laps belongs to their new car SG2012, which won the first place. The SG2011 car, an upgraded version of the vehicle from last year, took second place with 44 laps. In addition, Silesian Greenpower also had the fastest time of one lap.

Representatives of the winning team reported in a message sent to PAP that heavy rain was an unexpected obstacle, causing shortening the race from planned 240 minutes to 160 minutes. Despite water on the track, heavy rain eliminating other teams from the competition, and wind gusts reaching tens of kilometers per hour, record lap times were better than last year at the beautiful weather.

The Silesian Grenpower team competes in the Grenpower Greenpower Corporate Challenge since 2010, when it finished sixth place and received the title "The Best Engineered Car". Last year, the team took second place and another title for the best vehicle design. Work on the car was a joint effort of students from three faculties: Mechanical Engineering, Automatic Control, Electronics And Computer Science, and Energy And Environmental Engineering. In this year\'s project, the construction of racing cars was coordinated by Dr. Wojciech Skarka from the Faculty Of Mechanical Engineering.

The design of the vehicles participating in the Greenpower Corporate Challenge must comply with strict rules concerning mainly the safety of the driver, but also the dimensions of the vehicle. To level the playing field, each team uses an electric motor and car batteries of the same type. Another rule of the competition is to use recycled materials to build the vehicle. The main goal of the competition is to promote solutions for the generation of electricity from renewable sources, and support environmentally friendly technologies. The race participants are mainly contestants from British schools, universities, and even automotive companies.

Report from the race can be found at www.sg.polsl.pl, and http://www.greenpower.co.uk/node/311

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