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Polish Young Academy PAS organizes support for Ukrainian scientists

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The Polish Young Academy PAS appeals to the Polish scientific community to welcome Ukrainian scientists in research groups or provide them with a place, materials and tools for work, and finance a scholarship or remuneration. The organization coordinates activities in this area.

'In connection with Russia’s attack on Ukraine, the Polish Young Academy PAS would like to provide help to Ukrainian fellow scientists who are currently forced to leave their homeland. Members of the PYA are declaring that they are ready to welcome Ukrainian scientists in their research groups, providing them with support as well as a place and tools to work', we read in the  appeal of young researchers.

The Polish Young Academy PAS is also looking for scientists and scientific institutions willing to support their initiative. Support for a period of at least 3-6 months may include inviting Ukrainian scientists to join a research group or providing them with a place, materials and tools to work, free accommodation for researchers and their families, financing a scholarship or remuneration.

'If we are able to offer a support for at least one person, it will be an important gesture of solidarity in these dark days', young researchers emphasise.

For more details, go to: https://amu.pan.pl/en/pomoc-ukrainie/.

In a statement published last week, the Polish scientific community condemned the Russian  invasion of Ukraine. The signatories expressed their full solidarity with the Ukrainian nation and their support for Ukraine as a sovereign state. They declared 'all possible help in these dark days'". At the same time, an appeal was made to the authorities of the Ministry of Education and Science to launch, in cooperation with the National Agency for Academic Exchange (NAWA), special measures, including legal ones, to support Ukrainian scientists, doctoral candidates and students who want to continue their activities at Polish universities.

NAWA expressed its readiness to help students and scientists from Ukraine. 'The experience of helping Belarusians after the repressions related to undemocratic elections that took place in 2020 and 2021 shows us that the Polish academic and scientific community must remain in solidarity with its neighbours. The development of science is only possible with respect for fundamental humanitarian rights. Russia's hostilities clearly make this impossible', we read in the agency's statement.

Science and education minister Przemysław Czarnek asked the rectors to support students and scientists from Ukraine. He assured that he was considering launching a special scholarship programme for Ukrainian citizens and providing financial support to universities that would accept them.

Both Czarnek and the Minister of Health Adam Niedzielski sent a letter to the rectors of medical universities. The ministers called requested that rectors consider the possibility of continuing medical studies in Poland by Polish citizens studying in the territory affected by the conflict, as well as Ukrainian citizens looking for haven. (PAP)

Author: Szymon Zdziebłowski

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