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USA/ Polish company involved in successful mission of launching satellites in innovative space program

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Polish small satellites manufactured by SatRevolution took part in a successful mission of launching satellites in Virgin Orbit's innovative space program, the American company reports.

Virgin Orbit, a company that launches small satellites deploys, announced a successful deployment into orbit of seven satellite in the "Above the Clouds" mission. Among the customers was Polish company SatRevolution from Wrocław, which specializes in designing, manufacturing and operation of satellites and data analysis, and creates a constellation for real time Earth observation. Its goal is to 'become the largest global operator of Earth observation satellites', according to the company's release.

Virgin Orbit's modified 747 carrier aircraft Cosmic Girl took off at 22:39 CET on Thursday (in the afternoon of local time) from Mojave Air and Space Port in California in the United States and flew to a launch site over the Pacific Ocean, about 50 miles south of the Channel Islands. After release from the aircraft, LauncherOne deployed its payload into target orbit approximately 500km above the Earth's surface.

Because of the unique air-launch system Virgin Orbit has developed, the 'Above the Clouds' mission was launched in an orbit never before directly accessible from the West Coast of the Americas. Rather than launching from a fixed pad on the ground, Virgin Orbit conducts its launches from under the wing of a modified 747 aircraft.

The launch was Virgin Orbit’s third successful flight, occurring less than one year from its first mission. The launch brings the total number of satellites launched by Virgin Orbit to 26. The 'Above the Clouds' mission objectives include experiments concerning space-based communications and. The satellites will also serve the global agricultural sector.

In addition to the Polish company SatRevolution, the 'Above The Clouds' mission customers include Spire Global and the U.S. Department of Defense Space Test Program.

Virgin Orbit signed a cooperation agreement with SatRevolution in December 2021.

The 'Above The Clouds' mission is named after the fifth track on Gang Starr’s 1998 album Moment of Truth. (PAP)

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