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Beach rose oil can be used in cancer prevention, say Wrocław scientists

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Beach rose oil has been found to contain a number of health benefits and could great even be used in cancer prevention, new researcher shows.

Scientists from the Department of Bromatology and Food Science at the Faculty of Pharmacy of the Wrocław Medical University decided to look at the health properties of the common ornamental shrub (Rosa rugosa) after finding previous studies were rather poor. 

Dr. Magdalena Grajzer said: “So far, the focus has been on the composition of its fatty acids, but the remaining bioactive compounds found in this plant have not been investigated.”

Examining the composition of the shrub’s oil they then compared it to oil cold pressed from dog rose (R.canina) seeds. 

Dr. Grajzer said: “We found that R.rugosa seed oil extracted with supercritical carbon dioxide has a remarkable combination of bioactive compounds that have a relatively strong protective effect against oxidative stress and can also inhibit tumour infiltration and metastasis. We have also shown that R.rugosa seed emulsions can accelerate wound regeneration on day 4-5 of healing.”

She added that the bioactive potential of R.rugosa seed oil exceeds that of commercially available cold-pressed R.canina seed oil, saying: “These promising results provide a basis to focus future research on its topical application in wound healing and its oral application in cancer prevention.”

The research has been published in the prestigious journal Food Chemistry and was financed by the project 'Wroclaw Medical University as a Regional Centre of Excellence in the field of medical sciences and health sciences' under the Ministry of Science and Higher Education (currently Ministry of Education and Science) Measure 'Regional Action Initiative'. The ministry awarded nearly PLN 12 million for the implementation of the project. (PAP)

author: Piotr Doczekalski

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