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Jagiellonian University scientists working on tomograph to precisely detect cancer

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A tomograph that will scan the entire body to detect cancer and determine the degree of malignancy is being developed by scientists at the Jagiellonian University in Kraków.

Currently, doctors look at photos of individual parts of the body with neoplastic changes, but the new solution will allow them to see a video showing how the substance administered to the patient is absorbed by the body and how it is metabolised.
Professor Paweł Moskal, who is working on a new solution with Dr. Ewa Stępień, said: “We want the doctor to have as much information as possible without having to perform surgery. Now, to find out if there are cancerous tissues in a given place, you have to perform a biopsy and then histopathological tests.”
In a video posted by the Jagiellonian University, the professor said that the preparation of a new method and a new device is the goal for the next few years.
author: Beata Kołodziej
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