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Warsaw Tech Uni one of five Polish institutions to join European consortium

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The ENHANCE consortium, which includes the Warsaw University of Technology, is one of the beneficiaries of the European Commission 'European Universities' competition. Over the next three years, the consortium will receive EUR 5 million to develop cooperation.

In the second 'European Universities' competition, the European Commission selected 24 consortia formed by 165 higher education institutions. Five Polish universities are among these European Universities. They will join the 17 consortia selected in the first competition in 2019.

One of the winners of the second edition of the competition is the consortium ENHANCE (European Universities of Technology Alliance), whose members are 7 technical universities: the Technical University of Berlin (consortium leader), the Warsaw University of Technology, RWTH in Aachen, University of Technology in Gothenburg, Norwegian University of Science and Technology in Trondheim, the Polytechnic University of Milan and the Polytechnic University of Valencia.

A total of approximately 245,000 students receive education at the ENHANCE consortium universities, and over 4,400 students and employees participated in exchange programs over the past five years, the Warsaw University of Technology reports on its website.

“The consortium's goals include achieving the status of high-class research units, introducing innovative teaching methods on a large scale, make the offer for students, doctoral students, academic and administrative staff more flexible, and removing red tape,” the Warsaw University of Technology lists.

The plan assumes using the three-year funding of EUR 5 million to create a system facilitating the mobility of the academic community at all universities in the consortium. This means, among other things, facilitating the selection of study programs from the offer of each partner university for students, with a guarantee of mutual recognition of learning outcomes.

Students will take advantage of online courses prepared by partner universities, create international project groups cooperating online, as well as participate in summer schools and workshops.

An important part of the consortium's strategy is the emphasis on developing critical thinking skills, as well as the use of knowledge and modern technologies to the benefit of the society.

Activities within the consortium are closely linked to the implementation plan of the project 'Initiative of Excellence - Research University' at the Warsaw University of Technology.

The European Commission proposed the European Universities Initiative to the leaders of the European Union before the Gothenburg Social Summit in November 2017 as part of the vision to create a European education area by 2025. The European Council approved the initiative in December 2017. The concept of 'European Universities' was developed under the direction of the European Commission, in close cooperation with the Member States, higher education institutions and student organizations.

The 'European Universities Initiative' is an international alliance of higher education institutions from across the EU. They will form a basic network of EU universities, enabling students to obtain degrees by combining studies in several EU countries. Universities within the network share a long-term strategy in the field of education, promotion of European values and strengthening of European identity.

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