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Scientific Protection of Stores and Food

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Mass destruction agent threats in shopping centres are being analysed by scientists from Poland, Slovakia, Spain and Finland. Biologists and specialists in many fields are developing a system to protect food against contamination, predict the most likely scenarios of terrorist attacks and prepare recommendations, including training for employees of large-format stores.

The international Mall-CBRN project aims to secure food in the supply and distribution chain. According to Dr. Michał Bijak from the Biological Risk Prevention Centre at the University of Lodz, the first activities will focus on the analysis of current shopping centre security systems. As a coordinator, the University of Lodz will prepare questionnaires for surveys and scenarios for monitoring visits. Experts will visit several shopping centres, where they will look for threats and areas that need to be improved in terms of security

Separate tasks have been assigned to the Military Institute of Chemistry and Radiometry and the Military Institute of Hygiene and Epidemiology. Slovakia is represented by the International Security and Emergency Management Institute, Spain by the National Institute of Aerospace Technology and Finland by Hellenberg International. Atrium Promenada is a Polish partner of the project.

Based on the materials collected by all project partners, the University of Lodz will analyse the discrepancies. The intended result of the cooperation is a description of the most likely attack scenarios, a set of recommendations for the system of counteracting and responding to terrorist attacks and the system for protecting food against contamination.

The project `Mall-CBRN: Creation of CBRNE protection system for large area shopping malls` is supported by the police and anti-terrorist organizations in Hungary, Czechia, Slovakia, Belgium and Portugal.

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