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Opole/Researchers develop a garden monitoring system based on 5G technology

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Researchers from the start-up in the Opole Science and Technology Park have developed a crop monitoring system adapted to 5G technology. It allows garden owners to monitor the conditions in a greenhouse or garden using a smartphone.

The system of special sensors communicating via the cloud with the controller and supervisor was developed by the start-up Hivetech operating at the Opole Science and Technology Park.

"Our system consists of a set of sensors that measure light exposure, temperature, air and soil humidity and pH level. With wi-fi technology, they transmit these data to the cloud. Importantly, we have used solutions adapted to 5G technology that use standard routers. As a result, at a relatively small cost, the system controller can, for example, decide to turn on the watering system, and users can use an ordinary smartphone to access to current information about the situation in their garden, orchard or even arable field" - told PAP Hivetech CEO Andrzej Guziec.

The start-up has already prepared a version for demonstration and testing in field conditions. According to Guziec, the Opole University of Technology experts rated the solutions used by his team as innovative on an international scale.

"As far as we know, one of the known companies has launched a similar product, but unlike that system, our solutions are based on open technologies and offer a wider range of applications. We hope that our solutions will be used not only in the professional agricultural industry, but also by amateurs who want to use the Internet of Things to monitor their plots or gardens, especially that we are already working on more applications of the system for further groups of potential recipients" - Guziec says.

PAP - Science in Poland, Marek Szczepanik

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