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Polish naturalists want to save the old-growth forest in Madagascar

Polish naturalists want to join an international scientific expedition to investigate and cover with legal protection the newly discovered primary forest in Madagascar. They will study bats, lichens and bryophytes. They have to hurry to cover the forest with legal protection before the woodworking businesses find it.

The nature of Madagascar is disappearing before our eyes. The country famous for its enormous biodiversity loses its natural resources at a rapid rate. The forests are cut for wood and charcoal, burned and converted into primitive fields and pastures.

"Fortunately, the island still has difficult to access, forgotten places where the primary jungle with its natural wealth has survived. Last year a patch of primary forest was discovered that had effectively hidden from human greed in a forgotten valley. It\'s precise location is kept secret" - reported the Polish Society for Nature Protection "Salamandra".

However, a race against time has begun. In Madagascar, outside the protected areas, the principle is that the user of the land is its owner. "Will this forest be protected as a reserve or national park before it is found by foreign wood companies or people looking for a grazing place?" - reads the release.

At the end of May, two naturalists from the Society "Salamandra", with experience in conducting research in the tropics, want to embark with an international team of scientists to inventory this area. The expected results of the expedition, carried out in consultation with Madagascar\'s nature conservation authorities, are planning and achieving the legal protection of the area.

In order to secure appropriate research equipment, part of which will be donated to Malagasy naturalists participating in the expedition, "Salamandra" has just started collecting funds in the crowdfunding system through the website OdpalProjekt.pl. Over 1.5 months, the naturalists would like to collect 13.5 thousand zlotys.

"It is a rare opportunity to make a personal contribution to the discovery and protection of the treasures of tropical nature for a small sum!" - say the representatives of "Salamandra". Detailed information about the project is available at: https://odpalprojekt.pl/projekty/finansujacy/1289,uratujmy-dziewiczy-las-na-madagaskarze

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