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President of the Patent Office: Poland bets on innovative pharmaceuticals and medicines

We have high hopes for innovativeness and export of our pharmaceutical and medical products, Alicja Adamczak, President of the Patent Office said on Monday. She added that Poland is in the sixth place among cosmetics exporters in Europe.

"Precisely in the health sector, and specifically in relation to the pharmaceutical and medical industries, we have great hopes for innovation and export of our products to foreign markets" - said Adamczak at the launch of the 2-day 10th International Conference on Innovation and Creativity for Economy: In Good Form, held at the Warsaw Stock Exchange.

These two sectors have significant roles in the Strategy for Responsible Development, she reminded. "Great attention of our organizational and legal solutions is focused on these sectors" she explained. As the president emphasized, Polish pharmaceutical companies represent half of the companies that conduct innovative activity in our country.

She emphasized that "the power of innovation is not only related to inventions and utility models, but also to industrial design. This is evidenced by the strength of our designers".

"Poland currently occupies a very high, sixth place among exporters of cosmetics in Europe, and we are fourth in the world when it comes to furniture design and production. We are determined to build the strength of the innovation of the Polish economy also on industrial design" - she said.

Adamczak pointed to the benefits of effective use of design when designing medical, pharmaceutical and cosmetic products and services. Among them she mentioned improved quality of life and daily functioning of people with various dysfunctions, as well as the business development of individual entrepreneurs, which has the effect of increasing the innovativeness of the domestic economy.

"Many entrepreneurs who are present at our conference today, are traders listed on the Stock Exchange. These conferences are a platform of in-depth collaboration between designers and entrepreneurs. Some entrepreneurs are already designers themselves" - she said. She added that the exchange of experience and good practice also concerns issues related to the importance of industrial design for the development of new companies. She emphasized that start-up networking events focused on quick outcomes should enable young, creative entrepreneurs to promote their products and services, as well as expand their contact base and build a network of valuable relationships.

Deputy Director-General for Global Policy at the World Intellectual Property Organization Minelik Ali Getahun, who attended the conference, pointed to the need to protect intellectual property.

He said that intellectual property is an important tool in achieving socio-economic goals. Therefore, it is important to develop a system or tool to protect intellectual property. In the cooperation between countries in health care, intellectual property allows to exchange drugs, research or vaccines. He added that threats to intellectual property include pirated products.

John Mathers, Vice President of BEDA (the Bureau of European Design Associations), emphasized that design is one of the most dynamically developing industries.

He explained that design improves quality of life, but at the same time, appropriately used, it translate into growth, trade and employment. Innovation is increasingly important in design, as evidenced by emerging start-ups. He added that over the years design has been very differently used and treated, especially in architecture. He reported that it is currently the fastest growing segment in the UK. (PAP)

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