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National Centre for Research and Development will spend over 130 million zlotys on innovation in the steel industry

Under the National Centre for Research and Development program INNOSTAL, more than 130 million zlotys will go to the steel industry. "We will subsidize 19 projects. This will result in the development of innovative steel products, which will be used, for example, in the rail industry and construction" - told PAP Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Science and Higher Education Jarosław Gowin.

"Poland used to be a steel industry leader, and we have been rebuilding this position for several years" - emphasised Gowin. Support for this sector is the INNOSTAL program implemented by the National Centre for Research and Development under the Smart Growth Operational Programme.

In the first edition of the program INNOSTAL, funding will be awarded to 19 projects, in which modern steel products for the rail industry and construction will be developed.

"One of the goals of this competition was to rebuild the character of Polish steel plants. In short, as a result of this competition we will have products that will be much more modern, much cheaper and at the same time environmentally friendly" - explained Deputy Prime Minister Gowin.

He added that the implementations from the winning research projects should appear over the next 2-3 years.

"We enable and support the development of the steel sector on the basis of R&D results. Together with the entrepreneurs we set targets, the achievement of which will benefit not only the industry, but the entire society. The technologies and solutions developed thanks to the program INNOSTAL will translate into both higher quality production and better quality of life in Poland - said Prof. Maciej Chorowski, director of the National Centre for Research and Development.

The budget of the first INNOSTAL competition was initially 120 million zlotys, but it was increased to nearly 132 million zlotys. Funding was awarded to projects involving, among other things, heat treatment technology improving the quality of forged products for use in extreme operating conditions for the energy industry, manufacturing technology of new generation sections for residential and industrial construction. Financial support was also granted to research into innovative, safer railway tracks, and the project related to the efficient generation of electricity from waste gas with reduced emission of chloride ions into the environment.

Addressed to entrepreneurs, INNOSTAL is one of the eight sector-specific programs launched this year by the National Centre for Research and Development. It was created at the request of the Metallurgical Chamber of Industry and Commerce. Its aim is to increase the competitiveness and innovativeness of Polish steel industry in the perspective of 2026. It is also expected to contribute to reducing the negative environmental impact of companies in this sector.

3 more competitions are planned in the sector-specific INNOSTAL program. The next competition, with planned budget of 95 million zlotys, will be announced in the third quarter of 2017.

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