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Wielkopolskie/ Discovery of a treasure with items dating back 3 thousand years

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At least several dozen objects from the Bronze Age, dating back approx. 3 thousand years were discovered on March 10 by the Poznań police. The discovery was made in the forest near Janowiec Wielkopolski.

"Dozens of items found by police were mostly items owned by women; necklaces, hair clips, bracelets, as well as spearheads and axes" - told PAP spokesman for the Provincial Police Commander in Poznań, Andrzej Borowiak.

He added that the objects from the Bronze Age have been discovered by Poznań police officers from the Criminal Investigation and Search Departments, whose duties include recovery of stolen works of art and cultural heritage protection.

"The police discovered these historic items while carrying out their tasks; they were checking some information that people with a metal detector were seen in the area of Janowiec Wielkopolski. This morning they went to check this information, because this type of activities carried out by individuals are illegal" - noted Borowiak.

The police have already informed the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage about the discovery. Historical objects will now be secured and examined by archaeologists.

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