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Scientists from Gdańsk University of Technology and the Medical University of Gdańsk with Johann Uphagen Prizes for Young Scientists

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Dr. Adam Marszk from Gdańsk University of Technology - in the category of social sciences - and Dr. Marcin Hellmann from the Medical University of Gdańsk - in the category of science, are the winners of the City of Gdańsk Johann Uphagen Prizes for Young Scientists.

The prize has been awarded since 2003; until 2006 it was named "Young Hevelius." They are awarded to students and graduates of Gdańsk universities in Gdańsk below the age of 30 for outstanding scientific achievements in two categories: humanities and social sciences and science and natural sciences. So far, 26 scientists have been awarded.

Award in the category of humanities and social sciences went to Dr. Adam Marszk - Assistant Professor at the Department of Economic Sciences at the Faculty of Management and Economics, Gdańsk University of Technology. He was awarded for research work in the field of transformation of financial systems and innovative financial products.

"I deal with issues on the border of economics and finance, I am interested primarily in the development of financial systems and financial innovation. I mean any new products on the financial markets, which are used by professionals" - said Dr. Adam Marszk. "I\'m interested also in everything that happens in the real economy, that is, in households and enterprises" - he added.

According to Gdańsk University of Technology, Dr. Marszk conducted research aimed to determine the course of "saturation" of the financial markets with new products. In studies conducted together with Dr. Ewa Lechman from the Department of Economic Sciences, Gdańsk University of Technology, he used models of diffusion of innovations - for the first time for the financial markets - which allowed for a more accurate analysis. This required developing a new method that can be used to study financial innovation, for example by supervisory bodies.

The award in the category of science and natural sciences went to Dr. Marcin Hellmann from the Medical University of Gdańsk for his research on microcirculation regulation and disorders.

Already during his studies, Marcin Hellmann joined - at the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Grenoble in France - research on microcirculation. While still a student, he was awarded the prestigious award "Dr. Wacław Mayzl Medical Laurel" by the Polish Academy of Sciences.

"Microcirculation is the collection of the smallest blood vessels in the human body. Few people are aware that they constitute 99 percent of the whole cardiovascular system. They are invisible to the naked eye, wrapped around every tissue in the human body, and all circulatory and cardiovascular disease processes probably start there. We looked into these vessels, watching the mechanisms that regulate blood flow in healthy subjects and patients" - he spoke about his work at the awards ceremony.

The awards were presented on February 5 in the Uphagen House in Gdańsk. Winners received statuettes, diplomas and cash prizes worth 7 thousand zlotys.

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