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Study: Polish companies are increasingly willing to reach for space technologies

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The value of Polish industry companies using space technology ranges from 1.7 to 2.9 billion euros, according to the report "Star business" prepared by the audit and consulting company Grant Thornton.

According to the report, world business increasingly uses the achievements of scientists specialising in space and its exploration. More and more companies implement technologies created for the purpose of astronautics. Experts from Grant Thornton, citing the calculations of the Space Foundation, pointed out in the report that in 2014the global space technology industry generated 330 billion dollars of revenues.

A manager in the audit department at Grant Thornton, Paweł Zaczyński noted that Polish company also more boldly turn to technologies that have their roots in the aerospace and the study of space. "These technologies have become a base for new industries in the Polish economy, the market value of which already reaches billions of euros, while employment is counted in the thousands" - he emphasised.

According to Grant Thornton estimates, the value of Polish industry companies using space technology in the past year in narrow approach amounted to 1.7 billion euros, and in approach terms - 2.9 billion euros. For comparison, in 2012 it was respectively 1.3 billion and 2.4 billion euros. Grant Thornton experts predict that this year the value of the industry in narrow approach will reach 1.95 billion euros, and in broad approach 2.2 billion euros.

"The narrow approach took into account companies that largely base their business model on the use of technologies derived from space science and without these solutions they actually would not be able to continue operations in the current form" - explained Zaczyński. He named, among others, manufacturers of car navigation systems and other devices based on GPS technology.

"In the broader approach we also took into account the companies, which use space technologies to some extent, but would be able to function without them, for example airlines" - he added.

In the opinion of an expert Grant Thornton, taking into account the growth dynamics of these industries, we can assume that from year to year space technologies will continue to conquer the Polish GDP.

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