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Syntia will help to train pilots

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The VR simulator Syntia will allow to train pilots on all types of aircrafts and helicopters, as well as drone operators. The system was developed at the Lublin University of Technology.

"Syntia allows to perform screening tests that assess the divisibility of attention, reaction time and eye movements. Such tests can exclude a pilot candidate with high certainty" - says Col. Zbigniew Lewartowicz, one of the constructors of the device.

He adds that the simulator allows for programming of many functions, has advanced graphics and can simulate load factor on military and aerobatic aircraft. In his opinion, such training will increase flight safety and comfort.

"Pilot education supplemented on a simulator is a necessity in any aviation training. Today, such training is carried out on physical simulators that are expensive, complex and large. They do not offer the possibility of training flights in combat units or, for example, air combat" - says Dr. Jarosław Zubrzycki from the Technological Institute of Information Systems at the Lublin University of Technology.

Engineers have verified the effectiveness of VR simulators during nearly two thousand hours of tests. The tests included both hardware and software. "Now we can adapt applications to training needs to a greater extent" - emphasizes Col. Zbigniew Lewartowicz.

The presentation of the VR simulator Syntia took place last week in the laboratory of the Center for Innovation and Advanced Technologies of the Lublin University of Technology, the university reported on its website.

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