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Innovative arm endoprosthesis implanted at the University Hospital in Kraków

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Arthrosurface`s innovative arm endoprosthesis OVO was implanted this week in a young, blind-born patient of the University Hospital in Kraków. It was Poland`s first and Europe`s second case of the use of this implant.

The surgery at the Clinical Department of Orthopaedics and Rehabilitation of the University Hospital was conducted by a team under the supervision of an orthopaedist, shoulder surgery Dr. Jakub Ślusarski, MD. He was assisted by Arthrosurface team member Don Simoncini from Newton Wellesley Hospital (USA), a close associate of Dr. John Uribe - inventor and promoter of this method.

The patient who received the advanced surface endoprosthesis was 27 years old Marcin, blind from birth, who developed advanced arthrosis of the shoulder joint as a result of associated diseases. The result was limited joint mobility and chronic pain not responding to painkillers.

Jakub Ślusarski told journalists that this implant was implanted for the first time in Poland and for the second time in Europe. Endoprostheses of this type are more common in the US.

"The innovation of the procedure is that we only replace the damaged layer of cartilage. Previous prostheses were larger, due to which they interfered more with the natural bone" - explained Ślusarski.

The procedure with the American implant is much more economical, faster and allows to maintain muscle fitness. The implant is incomparably smaller than the traditional ones. For the patient, this means a smaller cut and less surgical trauma. After the surgery, the patient`s arm does not need to be immobilized, a simple sling is sufficient. The stay in the hospital lasts one or two days and the procedure allows for quick improvement. Physiotherapy begins a few days after the procedure.

"The surgery was necessary because Marcin needs his right hand. The procedure went well, we are in good hands" - the patient`s mother Barbara Wójcik told journalists.

Marcin is musically talented, he graduated with honours from two music schools. He plays a number of instruments, including the piano, concertina and accordion. (PAP)

author: Beata Kołodziej

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