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The Polish Bank Association: Polish students spend less than students in other European countries

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On average, Polish students spend 1,900 zlotys on life, tuition and housing according to the Polish Bank Association report "Student`s Wallet". This is very little compared to students from Switzerland and Iceland who have a budget of 2000 euros (nearly 9000 zlotys).

"But Polish students do not avoid work - as much as 54 percent of their wallet comes from remuneration for work they perform, which puts them in the top three, right behind students from Austria and Estonia" - the report reads.

According to the data, as many as 65 percent respondents aged 20-24 in Poland, cite starting a paid job as the reason for setting up a bank account. Both younger (20-24 years old) and older (25-32 years) respondents are the most likely to save for travels - 67% and 65% respectively.

"Nearly every fourth student in Poland chooses management, law and administration. These majors are most popular in Croatia and Lithuania, where almost every third student explores this field of science. The second most popular field in Poland is engineering, chosen by every fifth student. This major is particularly popular in Portugal (25 percent students study engineering). Considering the demographics in our country, the fact of low interest in medical majors (9 percent) can be considered worrying" - the Polish Bank Association informs.

Over half of students speak at least one foreign language (54%), 14% speak two foreign languages.

"Nearly 80% students in Poland spend PLN 1000 a month or less on renting a flat or a room, and nearly 35% of them are in the amount between PLN 250 and PLN 500. At the same time, 35% respondents share a flat with two flatmates, and a little less (33%) with one flatmate. Every fifth student (22%) lives with three other people, and the remaining 10% can count on a much larger company after returning from lectures" - reads the report.

The report also shows that the number of people aged 18-24 who have a problem with settling their debts increased by 15% in the last year. The total amount increased from nearly PLN 726 million to over PLN 871 million, the Polish Bank Association reports. (PAP)

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