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Polish Wavy in the lead of Big Data projects in the finals of Imagine Cup 2018

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The innovative locator for recreational divers designed by the Wavy team from Lodz University of Technology and Warsaw University of Technology was one of the top six student projects in the Big Data category during the world finals of Microsoft Imagine Cup 2018, which took place in the U.S.

Several thousand teams from around the world entered the Microsoft Imagine Cup competition this year. 49 projects advanced to the finals in Seattle. Poland was represented by the Wavy team selected in the national finals, composed mainly of Lodz University of Technology students, supported by their colleague from Warsaw University of Technology.

The students have developed a locator to increase the safety of recreational divers. It allows to monitor diver`s position using a smartphone and displays the current dive depth; it also allows the diver to send SOS signal by to the person using the app.

The students used Big Data algorithms in their project to expand the locator`s functionality, for example by suggesting routes and points of interest to divers, as well as predicting threats.

This additional advantage of the solution was appreciated by the competition jurors, says the team mentor, Dr. Jarosław Andrzejczak from the Institute of Information Technology, Lodz University of Technology.

The Polish project was among the six nominees for the Imagine Cup Awards in the Big Data category. Polish students competed with teams from the U.S., Malaysia, Germany, India and New Zealand. However, the students did not manage to win a special prize; they also failed to get to the top three who would fight for the Microsoft Imagine Cup main prize.

But according to Dr Andrzejczak, the participation in this elite competition was already a success. "Competing with the world`s best teams is a success. Wavy team had great presentations, the level of which did not differ from the best ones" - the team mentor emphasizes.

In his opinion, another success - perhaps not a very tangible one, but giving a lot of satisfaction - are positive comments and reviews from jurors, Microsoft employees, and media from different countries.

The Wavy team members are: Jakub Wujek, Michał Andrzejczak and Marcin Lenarczyk from the Faculty of Technical Physics, Information Technology and Applied Mathematics of Lodz University of Technology, Damian Perydzeński from the Faculty of Electrical, Electronic, Computer and Control Engineering of Lodz University of Technology and Artur Seliga from the Faculty of Chemical and Process Engineering of Warsaw University of Technology.

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