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Academic Internationalisation Stars selected

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Dr. Dominik Antonowicz, Dr. Magdalena Popowska, Dr. Monika Kopytowska, Ewa Kiszka, Emilia Wojtczak and Prof. Jan Krysiński are the laureates of the Internationalisation Star Academic Community Award granted as part of the program "Study in Poland".

The mission of the "Internationalisation Star" is to award and promote people with outstanding achievements in the field of international outreach of Polish universities. The goal of the award is to disseminate their experiences and promote good practices in this area.

In the first edition, six people received the award in individual categories: Dr. Dominik Antonowicz from the Nicolaus Copernicus University in Toruń (Research Star), Dr. Magdalena Popowska from Gdańsk University of Technology (Management Star), Dr. Monika Kopytowska from the University of Lodz (Teaching Star), Ewa Kiszka from the Medical University of Gdansk (Marketing Star), Emilia Wojtczak from Poznan University of Technology (Rising Star). The jury also gave special Distinguished Star award for lifetime achievement in the field of international outreach. It went to Prof. Jan Krysiński from Lodz University of Technology.

The award is given jointly by Polish institutions and organizations involved in supporting the internationalisation process of Polish higher education and science as part of the program "Study in Poland", a joint initiative of the Conference of Rectors of Academic Schools in Poland (CRASP) and Perspektywy Education Foundation.

Candidates could be nominated by university authorities, student organizations as well as university employees and students. The winners were selected by the jury chaired by the CRASP president and Rector of Warsaw University of Technology - Prof. Jan Szmidt.

The awards ceremony was held in January in Gliwice during the conference "International Students in Poland 2018". The winners received statuettes and diplomas. British Council and FRSE funded trips to international conferences devoted to international education: Going Global 2018 (Kuala Lumpur), NAFSA 2018 (Philadelphia) and EAIE 2018 (Geneva).

Detailed information about the award is available here.

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