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Kraków Hospital Performs First-Of-Its-Kind Thyroid Removal Surgery With Next Gen Neuromonitoring

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A first-of-its-kind thyroid surgery, and only the second in the world, has taken place in Poland using the latest NIM Vital neuromonitoring.

Carried out at the G. Narutowicz Specialist Municipal Hospital in Kraków, NIM Vital is a complex medical device for monitoring larynx nerves during thyroid removal surgery, making it possible to avoid damage to both nerves and vocal cords.

The surgery was carried out on four patients by Professor Marcin Barczyński and team.

He said: “NIM Vital is the next generation neuromonitoring system that enables real-time assessment of laryngeal nerve function and provides the surgeon with current information about the functioning of these nerves', 

He added that this is another step in the development of surgery making thyroid surgery procedures safer.


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