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Launch of the Welcome Point - information point for foreign students of the University of Warsaw

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On Friday, the University of Warsaw opens the Welcome Point - a point where foreign students will find help during the first days of their stay at the university. The glazed pavilion will stand in the Small Courtyard of the main campus until October 15.

At the Welcome Point, students will obtain information about their stay at the university. The staff will direct them to the right unit, help with paperwork, tell how to use the library, set up an email account, register for classes. They will provide information on student organizations at the university, language courses, sports and cultural activities - informs the University of Warsaw on its website.

The point will be open Monday to Friday from 9.30 AM to 4.30 PM. After October 15, the WP will be available online, at www.welcome.uw.edu.pl.

The Welcome Point cooperates with university offices: recruitment, international cooperation, student affairs and other units. Welcome Point coordinator is Katarzyna Basisty (who has been working in the Foreign Section of the Student Affairs Office). In September and October, students of the University of Warsaw will help run the Welcome Point.

"Following the example of the best foreign universities, we are planning a wide range of activities that will help international students feel better than they do now, and their problems will be resolved faster. The Welcome Point is one of those projects" -explained Dr. Maciej Duszczyk, Vice-Rector of the University of Warsaw.

Similar centres exist in Italy, Germany or Switzerland, for example at the University of Lausanne, where foreign students account for 27 percent of all students, and almost half of the academic staff are foreigners.

The University of Warsaw, according to the university, has the highest number of foreign students in Poland, and their number increases year by year. At present, at full-time, part-time and doctoral studies there are almost 4.4 thousand students from abroad.

One of the students working at Welcome Point will be Jaśmina Kasenko, who studies English philology and additionally learns French and Russian. She has participated in a project coordinated by the University Volunteer Centre and the French Culture Centre. "We helped students from abroad who studied at Warsaw universities to acclimatize. I also had the opportunity to become familiar with the situation of foreign students at Parisian colleges. This work allows me to have real contact with people from different backgrounds, who represent different cultures, it teaches empathy and understanding. I can imagine the problems that students, who have just come to a new country, may have to deal with" - said Jaśmina Kasenko quoted in the release.


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