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Gowin: Cambridge Polish Studies influence the positive image of Poland

Poland is an economically and culturally attractive country; thanks to the Polish Studies, that image of Poland will become common among the elites of the United Kingdom, said Minister of Science Jarosław Gowin at the inauguration of strategic partnership between the University of Warsaw and the University of Cambridge.

Within the framework of cooperation between the University of Warsaw and the University of Cambridge, the program of Polish Studies at the British university will be developed.

The plans of both institutions include Polish Studies in the field of humanities and social sciences at Cambridge, as well as conducting joint Polish-British research projects. Cambridge Polish Studies will also promote Polish culture and science in the UK and work towards a better understanding of Poland\'s role in European history and in present-day Europe.

"It takes great courage and deep conviction to start efforts to launch Polish Studies at one of the best universities in the world" - emphasised Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Science and Higher Education Jarosław Gowin during the official inauguration of cooperation at the University of Warsaw.

As he added, the situation of Polish studies in the UK has changed considerably in recent years. "Interest in Poland and Polish people - as the largest ethnic minority in the UK - is definitely greater. (...) We are today a +gateway to the east+ for the Western Europe - we occupy a strategic place"- Gowin said.

"Poland today is an economically and culturally attractive country, and I believe that through Polish Studies this friendly - and true - image of Poland will become common among the intellectual, opinion-forming and political elites of Britain" - added the Minister of Science.

Poland attracts the interest of both Cambridge students and employees as a big and important member of the European Union, Professor Sir Leszek Borysiewicz, Vice-Chancellor of the University of Cambridge said during the ceremony. He added that it was not surprising that Poland was a very interesting subject of research.

In July, the University of Warsaw, the Foundation for Polish Science and the University of Cambridge concluded an agreement, under which Polish Studies will become a permanent part of the British university. The Ministry of Science and Higher Education granted a special subsidy of PLN 15 million to support Cambridge Polish Studies.

Polish studies have been offered by the University of Cambridge since 2014, when a pilot program of Polish studies headed by Dr. Stanley Bill was launched Slavic Department of the British university at the of initiative of the Foundation for Polish Science. Students participated in classes in Polish language, literature and culture. Open events were also organized, including guest lectures, debates, conferences, film screenings and meetings with writers and artists. In 2016, the program was named the best in the University Subject Tables ranking. (PAP)

Author: Katarzyna Florencka

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