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3D models of the heart will be printed in Rzeszów

The G2A.COM research and development centre in Rzeszów will produce 3D heart models that will help to detect the defects of this organ in children in the prenatal period. Models will be made by a division of the company - 3D Plus.

According to G2A.COM\'s Strategic Development Director Patryk Kadlec, the models are printed in SLA technology from photopolymer resin. "It gives us unprecedented print quality and accurate recreation of the heart" - he added.

Kadlec emphasised that the technology had allowed to reduce the cost of production of the model by half. "In Rzeszów we are doing it not only much cheaper, but also much faster, because the average print time is about 3 hours" - he noted.

3D heart model, which is printed in the capital of Podkarpacie, has been developed in cooperation with a team of Kraków physicians led by Dr. Marcin Wiecheć from the Jagiellonian University. Wiecheć\'s team also collaborated with a group of industrial design specialists led by Łukasz Tabakowski.

In total, there will be nearly 30 different heart models that will illustrate the most common and most difficult to diagnose birth defects of the heart. Students and doctors will train with these models.

According to Wiecheć, until now students could only study diagnosed cases, if the patient agreed to their presence during the examination. "3D models will allow gynaecologists to gain practical knowledge and skills that will enable them to recognize a specific defect during ultrasound examination" - he said.

Congenital heart defects are one of the most common causes of neonatal mortality.

3D heart models will allow the medical students to become acquainted with the characteristics of a healthy heart and one with defects. The model consists of 8 parts, which, after disassembly, allow for detailed analysis of the case. The finished print is hand painted.

G2A.COM is one of the world\'s largest auction platforms where users can sell game codes. In 2016, 22 million transactions took place on the platform.

The company which also specialises in 3D printing and development of Virtual Reality applications, was founded in Poland by Dawid Rożek and Bartosz Skarczek; its head office is located in Hong Kong, it has offices in New Delhi, Shanghai and Kraków.

The company\'s R&D centre in Rzeszów employs more than 700 people from 40 countries, who speak 24 languages. (PAP)

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