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American accreditation for Polish medical schools extended

29.09.2017 Health, Universities, Latest news

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Positive US evaluation for the Polish medical schools accreditation system has been extended for three years - the Ministry of Science and Higher Education announced in a press release. According to the Ministry of Science, because of that Polish medical academies will continue to be an attractive target for American students.

The decision to extend the positive evaluation of the Polish medical schools accreditation system was issued last week by the National Committee on Foreign Medical Education and Accreditation (NCFMEA), after the hearing of the Polish delegation of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education, the Polish Accreditation Committee and the Conference of Rectors of Academic Medical Schools.


The delegation, headed by Deputy Minister of Science and Higher Education Łukasz Szumowski, provided the NCFMEA members with information on the course of medical studies, examination rules, management of universities and the situation of medical graduates. The hearing concluded a lengthy evaluation process, and the result was an extension of the accreditation.


Obtaining a positive decision concerning the Polish accreditation system means that US students can take up paid medical studies at Polish universities, apply for co-financing in the form of federal student loans, and, upon completion of their education, take the United States Medical Licensing Examination under the same conditions as persons who have graduated from American universities.


According to the Ministry of Science and Higher Education, NCFMEA's positive rating also translates into the presence of students from other countries in our medical schools.


According to the Bureau for Academic Recognition and International Exchange, in the academic year 2016/17 at Polish universities supervised by the Minister of Mealth among more than 6.7 thousand international students there were 639 US citizens. They pay for studying at Polish universities; their studies are a form of vertical education mobility (they complete another level of education at a different university).


The American committee has been giving positive assessments to Polish medical schools continuously since 1997. (PAP)


PAP - Science and Scholarship in Poland


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