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LOT delivered Polish Hyperloop pod to Los Angeles

28.08.2017 Technology, Latest news
Warszawa, 28.03.2017. Model jednoosobowej kapsuły Hyperloop, która umożliwi naziemne podróże z prędkością nawet 1000 km/h. (rp/doro) PAP/Radek Pietruszka

Single-person Hyperloop pod model. Photo: PAP/ Radek Pietruszka 28.03.2017

LOT Dreamliner delivered parts of the innovative means of transport of the future from Warsaw to California's largest city. The goal is building super-fast land transport. In less than two weeks, the pod will take part in international tests.

The Polish Hyperloop pod has been designed and built by students of Warsaw University of Technology and Wrocław University of Science and Technology. Hyper Poland University Team is the only scientific team from Poland that participates in this international competition. More than a thousand teams from around the world signed up for the qualifiers, which took place last October. Finalists are the teams that presented the best technical designs.


"In total, 24 research teams advanced to the finals: 18 teams from the United States, four from Europe and two from Asia. Two universities, six science clubs and 25 students were involved in the construction of the first Polish prototype Hyperloop pod. It is an honour and success that we will take part in the finals of the SpaceX competition as the only team from Central and Eastern Europe" - said Pawel Radziszewski, coordinator of the Hyper Poland University Team.


The Hyper Poland University Team has received support from the National Centre for Research and Development. LOT Polish Airlines is the strategic partner of the project - said LOT spokesman Adrian Kubicki.


In a few days, the pod will take part in international tests hosted by Elon Musk's SpaceX. The goal is to reach the highest possible speed on the test track. For Polish constructors it will be a unique opportunity to verify the Hyperloop technology solutions.


Test drives of the Polish pod will take place in a specially constructed steel pipe, 1.5 km in length and two meters in diameter. The pod will move in a low pressure pipe (using magnetic levitation), which will significantly reduce energy consumption.


The goal of the scientific rivalry is to achieve the highest possible speed. The results of the experiment will be used to develop Hyperloop technology, super-fast means of land transport, which will allow to transport people and cargo at speeds reaching 1000 km/h.


LOT Cargo and logistic operator DB Schenker are responsible for transporting the Polish prototype Hyperloop pod. Parts of the innovative drive were flown from Poland to California by a LOT airplane in two containers. LOT Cargo is the Polish leader of air freight, with nearly 20% market share. This year, the company plans to carry 40,000 tons of cargo- reported the LOT press office. (PAP)


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