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The Jagiellonian University will demand the withdrawal of a patent application filed in the US by Google

14.08.2017 Technology, Universities, Latest news

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The Jagiellonian University will demand the withdrawal of a patent application filed by Google in the United States, concerning a solution authored by an employee and lecturer of the university, Dr. Jarosław Duda, the Jagiellonian University spokesman Adrian Ochalik told PAP on Friday.

Radio ZET reported on the issue on Friday.


The problem concerns the so-called ANS coding, which allows compression of data in computers and other electronic devices. It is already used in Apple, Facebook, and Google product - for example, Apple's iPhone and Mac devices use it to store information.


A few years ago, a lecturer at the Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science of the Jagiellonian Universit, Dr. Jarosław Duda made the methods he had developed available on the Internet. "I'm a scientist. I have not patented this method, because I believe that such basic concepts should be free and available to all" - said Dr. Duda.


The researcher added that since 2014 he had been in contact with Google via e-mail and through a public forum - and helped the company adapt ANS for video compression. "The patent application filed in the United States contains exactly the concepts that I wrote to them. I did this with a practical use of this innovation in mind, but I did not want anyone, including Google, to restrict access to this solution through patents" - Dr. Duda emphasized. "I am going to file a protest in the US Patent and Trademark Office" - he added.


The Jagiellonian University intends to take action to support Dr. Jarosław Duda. "We understand the original, idealistic intent of our employee, Dr. Jarosław Duda, who introduced the family of ANS codings as part of his scientific path to make the method he had invented publicly available and free. Google's patent application filed with the US patent office without consulting Dr. Jarosław Duda can be seen as a business-wise and ethically controversial action" - told PAP the Jagiellonian University spokesman Adrian Ochalik. "We will demand the patent application to be withdrawn, because, like the author of the code, we wish to prevent anyone from blocking access to it" - he added.


There has already been an attempt to patent Dr. Duda's solution - in the UK in 2016 - but the UK office decided that it was not possible to patent something that was freely available on the internet.


PAP - Science and Scholarship in Poland


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