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Emilewicz: We are "extremely interested" in the development of the space sector

14.07.2017 Technology, Innovation, Latest news

We are "extremely interested" in the development of the space sector - said Deputy Minister of Development Jadwiga Emilewicz on Monday at the Satellite Forum 2017. She added that according to the EC estimates, about 7-8% GDP is generated with satellite applications.

The Satellite Forum 2017, which takes place on Monday at the Centre for Advanced Materials and Technologies (CEZAMAT) in Warsaw, is this year's largest conference devoted to satellite technology and the use of satellite data. Its main purpose is to analyse the downstream market potential and to initiate business talks between the government administration, large companies and innovative companies in the industry.


Deputy Minister of Development Jadwiga Emilewicz, who attended the Forum, pointed out that according to the European Commission estimates, about 7-8% GDP is generated with satellite applications. "If there was any dramatic, cosmic failure today, we would have very serious problems" - she said.


She emphasized that space technology "is really a huge area", which also includes "practical, everyday activities that are close to our heart".


According to Emilewicz, one of the possible ways to use space data may be agriculture. She explained that "if we can use apps to sell fertilizer to farmers and tell them when, what and how much they should put in the field, it will be something that will improve efficiency in what would appear a completely not space-related area".


"We do not have to build a Martian village to use space data" - the deputy minister concluded.


She emphasized that the government was "extremely interested" in the development of the space sector and reminded that "space has become one of the flagship projects in the Strategy for Responsible Development ".


Michał Szaniawski, Vice-President of the Industrial Development Agency (ARP), reminded that nearly a year ago the Agency began supporting the space technology sector, within the framework of the Polish Development Fund.


"Our approach is that as the ARP, a joint-stock company, we want to be your business partner. We are looking for solutions, actions, tools that we as the ARP can make available so that your companies can grow and the Polish space sector can grow" - said Szaniawski, addressing the assembled companies and their representatives.


He added that the forum is intended to allow companies to present themselves to Treasury companies and public entities that may be interested in buying their services and solutions. "We also want to show that space innovations are not as abstract as it is widely believed, and many of them are used in everyday life. Our experience shows that openness to collaboration brings tremendous benefits" - said the agency's VP.


Industrial Development Agency JSC (ARP S.A., Agencja Rozwoju Przemysłu S.A.) is a State Treasury company active since 1991. The portfolio of ARP includes manufacturing companies operating in the construction, energy, electromechanical, industrial design and innovation sectors.


ARP also oversees two special economic zones: SSE EURO-PARK MIELEC and TSSE EURO-PARK WISŁOSAN. (PAP)


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